• Fashion Design $75.00

Here at Pearl Beauty Studio, we specialize in Sew-ins and Crochet Braids,
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Services and Prices:
Adult Sew -In-Starting at $85
Kids Crochet Braids (8 and Under) $65
Quick Weaves (hair left out) -$65 (no gel, hair braided under cap, with hair left out to cover tracks)
Adult Crochet Braids (knot-less part) Starting at $75
Sew in with crochet closure- $85
Wig Install (hair braided and wig sewn on)-$45
Pre-Curling Hair for Crochet Braids-$10 per pack
Head and Nape knot-less crochet- Starting at $110
Crochet Closure Redo- $20 and up
Crochet cut w/style-$75 and up

Hours of operation: Friday 12 pm-9 pm, Saturday 10:30-6 pm, Sunday 10-6 pm