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Concrete Landscape Edging (T.C. Metro Area)
*Award Winning Landscape Curbing from Curb Creations*

*Since 1986 - Your Leader and Perfectionist in the Landscape Curbing Industry.
- 30 Years of Landscape Curbing Excellence. Original concrete edging company.
- 372 Miles of Concrete Edging Installed. From Minneapolis to Chicago Suburbs.
- Thousands of Satisfied Customers across the greater T.C. Metro Area.

*Concrete Landscape Edging IS Our Specialty, Our Niche, and Excellence Is Expected and
Delivered Daily in 87 Cities In and Around The Metro Area.

*Take a Look - Our Work Speaks For Itself.

*The Key To Your "One-Of-A-Kind", "Classic" Curb Installation Is Found In Our Company
Mantra....EDDC - "Exceptional Details Done Consistently".


1. By providing informative, timely, and consistent communication, which is normally the downfall of many in the "construction" industry.
2. By providing extraordinary installation experience that is not "the norm" for the construction
industry. Friendly, efficient, on time, respectful of your surroundings, providing guidance and
instruction, equaling and surpassing customers perceived expectations, and leaving the site clean
and unscathed.
3. By providing creative design, detailed curves and contours, and stunning definition between
lawn and landscape creating your "one-of-a-kind" showplace.
4. By providing ease of mowing and maintenance. Your curb is flowing, matching existing lawn,
not some "barrier" sticking up too high. You have less trimming, less maintenance, and visual
separation that holds back rock, mulch, or other landscape materials. This classic look
separates an "average" yard from your "extraordinary" Curb Creations yard.
5. By providing colors, textures, and stamps that give your concrete edge a "natural", marbled
look that compliments your brick, stone, pavers, landscaping and home.
6. By providing an extremely durable curb that will give you years of satisfaction. Our Minnesota "Tuff Curb Technology", that we have used for over 20 years, will give you the longevity and dependability you expect. We receive many compliments at shows and fairs from clients with 20+ year old jobs. They rave about the look and condition of their landscape curbing.

*Curb Creations services the entire Twin Cities and Greater Metro Area.
*FREE Consultation and Design Session.
*Our pricing starts at $7 per foot and includes all the steps necessary to create "the look" you want
for your yard.

Thank you for spending some time with us,
Dave, Dawn and the entire crew...