• Computer Repair $500.00

Hi, I am offering my services to you. Have you ever wanted a Custom build Computer for home, work, office, but do not have the time. Then I am here for you.

I specialize mostly in Gaming Build Mid-range PC's TO high-end PC's ranging from a budget of $600 to +$1,000 respectively, but I could build any PC ranging from beginner($200) to extreme +$5,000 PCs. I can build any kind of PC you would like. I have done numerous builds of different kinds and shapes. I am familiar with most of the different components in PC's.

Computer technology is ever growing and new technologies are being developed and built everyday. I love building computers, it is a hobby for me and something I take seriously. My rate of building is 15% of the total amount including Tax and shipping. For example: I have a customer that wants a Custom PC for her five year old daughter. The budget of the build is from $400 to $500 including EVERYTHING from the monitor to the cables and PC tower. With taxes and shipping it would come out to $390.05(excluding my build rate). Including my rate it would come out to $448.55.

Essentially, you tell me your budget (if any), I pick out the parts. If your pleased with what you see, I ask for FULL payment of the custom build without my build cost. I then build the PC when the components arrive at my door step. Or I could build it in person at your home, your choice.