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here are some services I can offer you with EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP! Also I am insured and can provide paperwork if needed.

I build all my decks between $10-$16 a square foot, depending on how high or low from the ground the deck is, if it is composite, cedar or your own design.

I can:
Give free estimates for a brand new deck or repair an old deck to new.
Build the deck to your preferred custom meaning, build exactly what you want with custom flooring, railing, stairs and balusters.
Build a simple average deck, meaning the basic deck that is actually built correctly and will last 15-20 years if maintained correctly. Instead of 5-10 years by having it done wrong! I get permits for every deck I do.

Custom Decks & Repairs LLC takes the time to build it right the first time.

Basic normal deck construction consist of:

-6x6 treated columns
-2-2x10 or 2x12 treated beam
-2x8 or larger treated joist boards
-2x6 treated decking for floor of deck (not 5/4x6 board because, it doesn't last even close as long)
-4x4 or 6x6 treated railing post
-2x2 treated balusters, aluminum spindles, composite 2x2 or vinyl
-2x6 treated cap railing sanded for smooth grip and routed edge for a nice clean look

Hardware used:
-Simpson galvanized base post
-Simpson galvanized hangers
-Galvanized nails
-Hurricane clips
-Carriage bolts (1/2'')
-3 in. Polymer-Plated Flat-Head Star Deckmate Wood Screws

Thanks for looking.
I can be reached anytime between 7am - 9pm 7 days a week.
Jordan Bennett
Custom Decks & Repairs LLC