• Car Wash $50.00

For car detailing, my pricing is as follows:

Quick detail: $50
Wash exterior, wheels, tires.
Vacuum interior, clean interior panels and Windows.
Dry car and shine tires

Level 1: $110
Quick detail+
1 step polish
Protective coating on interior
Clean and protect engine compartment
Clean and condition upholstery

Level 2: $200 and up depending on severity
Level 1+
Paint correction (2-3 step buffing)
Headlight restoration (if necessary)
Carpet protectant

Motorcycle detailing;
Generally $150 per bike never more than $200

Below the water line up to 30 ft boat; $150-200
Over 30ft: $250-400
Buff full boat; starting at $300
Full boat detail;$call
Interior mold removal:$call

I do offer some "a la carte" services, such as;
Headlight restoration: $50
Paint correction/wet sand: $call
Wheel restoration: $call
Fender rolling: $25/corner

I'm located in bethel, however for some of the alternate services such as headlight restoration or fender rolling I can come to you.
I've posted a few pictures showcasing my work, with that being said I've worked on everything from everyday cars (as pictured), to Porsches, Ferraris, Teslas, Maseratis, etc. no job too big or small, simple or intricate. From show cars to work trucks. Thank you for your business.