Does your dog need to get out of the house and/or exercise?

  • Pet Sitting & Walking $15.00

Hi, my name is Drew and dogs are my life! I've been working with animals at a pet hotel for over a year and have been a part-time dog nanny for a few months. I have also worked in dog grooming and am currently working on becoming a dog trainer. I'm experienced with all breeds and sizes! I help take care of two collie mixes, Max and Molly. I take them to Carmichael dog park twice a week for exercise, socialization, and of course for fun!

I'm looking for another dog or two to come along with us for the same benefits! They would of course have to be dog social, and able to fit in my car with the other two. Doesn't really matter the size unless you have a Great Dane or something similar. Small and large dogs are welcome! If you have a dog that loves to run and chase they would be perfect since that's Molly's favorite thing to do!

Each time I take them it is for AT LEAST an hour if not longer, I leave when they are tired and worn out! Please contact me if you are interested, and Max and Molly's owners would gladly be a reference for me if you would like to speak to them!

My rate varies depending on the size and behavior of your dog. Smaller, easier to handle dogs would start at $10 a trip, bigger and higher energy dogs would be $15 and could go up to $20 if they are difficult to handle and supervise. If you have two dogs I would give a deal depending on your situation.

Feel free to ask me any questions!