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Is your dog being aggressive toward other dogs? Needs manners? Doesn't listen? Barking? Growling? Nipping? Biting? Peeing? Don't trust him around the kids? You need training. "The DOuG Trainer" doesn't just train your dog--he also trains you to train your dog.

Own a little dog, one that won't stop barking no matter what you do? These are some of the toughest dogs to work with, but "The DOuG Trainer" knows the techniques to make them quiet down, submit, and be quiet. It works immediately, yet repetition is key to the key to long-term result. Just imagine a quiet household!

Some large, box stores have in-store programs to train groups of dogs in public settings. That doesn't work. Your dog needs your focused attention in a private setting. Group training is affordable, but it's ineffective - you get what you pay for. Do the research. Talk to others who've paid and have been disappointed. Individual, private training at your home works.

How long will the training take? Two to four hours is typical, but it may take more. Nature tells you when it's done. "The DOuG Trainer" is always available for follow up questions or training visits.

Learn to make your dog submit. "The DOuG Trainer" shows you how to be the calm, assertive pack leader. He shows you how to talk "dog."

Training is at your home.
Since February 2011. Dozens of successful clients.
Testimonials and references available. Reviews on Yelp and Thumbtack. Call for rates. Click here or the contact button up above for "The DOuG Trainer's" phone number. His email address is below.