• Pet Sitting & Walking $5.00

Hello Furry Friend Owners
Name's Tyler

How nice would it be to come home after a long hard day to a happy, yet relatively calm dog? For most dogs a simple walk isn't going to get the job done. There's still loads of couch munching / toy destroying / shoe mauling energy needed to be spent. This is where I can help!! If you feel like (insert picture six here) every time your out walking this could be for you.

The "Dee-Ohh-Gee" Trotters are a small group of dogs and I who LOVE to run and exercise. I've been around dogs my entire life and am very comfortable with training / running.

First run is Completely Free!! Along with a brief consultation to get everybody on the same paw. : )
Runs are monitored by my Garmin Forerunner GPS.

Rates can be seen within the $5-$10 range / session!!! I'm not out to make money...
I also can do pick-up for dog-park visits as those are pretty typical if interested.
Availability: Mostly after 1pm during weekdays / can adjust for weekends.

Look forward to hearing from you!!
Please no spam, as the Dee Ohh Gee's and I dislike canned meats : )