• Pet Sitting & Walking $10.00

Hello! My name is Elijah Orr and I live in Huntington Beach. I am 18 years old and I love to jog with and walk dogs. I currently already have a couple dogs that I jog with several times a week.

The process is simple: I come to your house and pickup your dog and take it to a nearby park or trail for a 30 minute walk or jog for only 10-15$ depending on what kind of dog you have! Anywhere within 10 miles of where I live (Beach and Atlanta) is ideal for me to come pick up your dog. I am willing to negotiate my prices. I am attending Chapman University in the fall so all the money I make will go right to my tuition. You would really be investing in my education and helping me financially while I help your dog be active and fit! I am a very trustworthy and honest guy and will meet you and your dog before hand!

Call me and thank you very much!
Elijah Orr