• Drawing Lessons $40.00

Home, office, school, cafe, stairwell, restaurant, lobby or playground.
Drawing & Painting Lessons for Adults and Children

Individual classes for artists. Beginners welcome, including the young students in grade, junior or high school.
Portfolio development. If you come to the studio we can paint together and talk. Our talks combine critique, answering questions, my giving suggestions.
Our work will be dynamic, and you will always have either a brush, pencil or stick of charcoal in your hand.
Two hour painting sessions are ideal. If you want, you can copy what I am doing on my canvas, observe what I am doing and apply it to your own unique effort.
If you have the time and the resources to come to 2 hour private lessons each week, wonderful, or we can meet every other week.
Home work, can be given, and all art that you do develops the artist within and without.
Learn to leave the details for the end, find and develop the big elements of your drawing or painting first. Discover the dynamic line and develop manual dexterity with eye hand coordination.
Train yourself to see, and then draw what you see.
Perspective and the Landscape. Drawing interiors, magical or realistic. The self portrait.
Color development. Composition....how to set up and draw a still life...the metaphysics of the ordinary object.
Where to position your lighting and why. Drawing...how to use charcoal, soft pastel,
oil pastel, conte crayon, pencil and pen and ink. Changing scale....How to enlarge or reduce.
Painting...acrylic, gouache, oil pastel and soft pastel and oil paints.
Learn how to stretch and prepare a canvas for painting with oil or acrylic.

$40 / hr private lesson
$55 / hr partner lesson
$55 / hr lesson in your home

Lesson Package Discount
8 lessons - 10% Discount = $36 / hr lesson $288.00
12 lessons - 15% Discount = $34 / hr lesson $408.00
20 lessons - 20% Discount = $32 / hr lesson $640.00

24 hour cancellation policy.
My studio is 2 1/2 blocks from the "L" subway - Graham Ave station - 3 stops from Manhattan.
Looking forward to hearing from you!