Dynamic Duo Construction-Repairs/Remodels by a married couple

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We are Dynamic Duo Construction: High Quality, Low Rates, Free Estimates, Responsible People!

We are a married couple, and we have experience! John has carpentry skills from working for the This Old House Company and others, as well as doing independent work. Marina has joined in doing construction work with John as they repaired three houses in the past 4 years. She especially enjoys bringing her aesthetic abilities to the work.
With this experience, the Dynamic Duo will now offer you the following services:

* All Repairs and New Installation: aesthetic consultation, wood flooring, tiling, insulation, mold remediation, finish carpentry, cabinets, interior/exterior painting, drywall installation and plastering, siding, decks, gutter installation, ice-dam removal, roof repairs, emergency roof repair and remediation, and mindful demolition.

We bring comprehensive communication skills after many year of working with people. Please feel to contact us - John and Marina.