• Remodeling Services

I am a semi-retired 50 year old Carpenter and Electrician. I have been building and remodeling homes and businesses for 30 years.

Thought I would be enjoying more of my life and fruits of my hard labor by now. However, I am just a simple man with children and grandchildren to raise in a time in history where we are being squeezed for every ounce of our blood, sweat and tears by crooked politicians, bankers, the medical and drug industry and the most power-hungry oil barons this world has ever known.

Because I cannot fight them by myself and put them behind bars where they belong in order to protect my childrens' futures, I must knuckle down and work a little harder for a little longer and for alot less than I used to in the hope that I can find another way to help inhance their lives in the future.

I have held my Electrical certifications since 1985 and have held my Master Builder Certification fro the Hamilton County Board of Building Examiners for more than 10 years.

I keep myself pretty busy doing mostly rental property turnovers, which the media never talks about, auction/foreclosed properties to prepare them for resale and lease, finishing basements and lofts and remodeling kitchens and baths.

My extensive education, training and experience in all phases of construction make me the ideal candidate to handle every aspect of residential or commercial projects. Plumbing, framing, electric, drywall, tile, siding, trim, painting, concrete and masonry.

I take photos of most of my projects, from start to finish, for my records. Though I do have clients that prefer my discretion for various reasons.

If you are having trouble finding an excellent craftsman at a reasonable price, you should consider giving me a call before you make a final decision on who you hire to complete your project.

Call. Ask for Anthony
Thank you for your time and consideration.