Enriching Quartz/Marble/Granite countertops - Hand crafted!

  • Furniture Assembly & Repair

We provide the product, fabrication, and installation custom made to fit your needs!
Supreme quality work, built on trust.

-3-5 day turnover
-free estimates!
-insured company
-sink included/available
-does not harbor bacteria, stain-less, and scratch-less! the only thing harder than granite is diamond.

Absolute Granite San Antonio
We are a family owned, oriented, and operated business enriching residential and commercial properties in central Texas since 2012.

Since our company's inception in San Antonio TX, we have been successfully striving to remain elite craftsmen in the art of fabricating stone countertops with pride and gusto! Making our 3rd year in business the best thus far, we realize that our rapid growth and stability is in direct correlation with our diligence, integrity, and customer satisfaction!

We've worked with kitchens, baths, commercial settings, to custom fabrication indoor or outdoor. Experienced with marble, quartz, and granite.

Give us a call for a free consultation!
- Zak