• General Contractors

Builders serving the Flathead area.
Located in Kalispell Ryan and Jim have a combined 50 years experience.
Property owners and contractors Services.
From undeveloped lot to complete finished homes.
Services include:

water line, electric, phone, septic ( Flathead and Lake County ), footings, foundations, backfill, perc test, fiber optic, drains, sumps, road work, driveways, house pads, retainers, rock work, rock walls, rock steps, tree removal, site clearing snow removal, grading, haul away, moving small buildings and trailers, sub grade, concrete prep, slab prep, pole barns, clean up and more. Dump truck available. Specializing in steep hillsides and difficult areas.

framing, deck work, siding, some roofing, additions, flooring, interior finish, sheet rock, doors and windows, some concrete work, landscaping, tree work, any equipment operation, clean up, sawyer and saw work, thinning, welding and fabrication, mechanics, fire wood, transport, driving/hauling, structure damage repair, blow down removal and repairs, septic repairs, septic installation FHC installer license #24, pole barns, garages, rental and repo turn over, clean up, utility work, PVC and conduit installation, machine operator and more.

Montana State Registered
Insured. More Class Codes as Required.
Competitive, Bid, Hourly, or Estimated Rates.
Seasonal Sub Contracting Available.
Discounted Rate for Early Scheduling of Snow Removal.

Ryan / Jim
Kalispell, MT