• Auto Repair Services $500.00

Automotive repairs can feel like downright highway robbery! Head gaskets at a shop or dealership can cost you $1200-$1800 in labor, and $500-$700 for the timing belt and water pump. The problem is that some shops will use cheaper gaskets and parts that are prone to fail again.

I do head gasket replacements and timing kits and use only the upgraded products to fix it permanently so you can start counting down to the 200k, 250k, even 300k mile mark that many cars are capable of! The products I use cost more than cheaper inferior parts, but I believe in doing a job right and doing it once. Even with the added expense of better parts, I will still do it for a fraction of the cost--usually about a third to a half less!!

Unlike the free OBD diagnostic code reading service you can get at local parts stores, I have advanced computer software and databases to pinpoint exactly what is going on with your car in many cases. My diagnostics are free for a general code reading and I can also do extended computer-generated analysis on your vehicle to narrow down trouble code sources and see what your car is doing while running.

I have extensive experience and knowledge of automotive systems and have an engineering background. I specialize in Subaru, Porsche, Honda, and Jeep--though my expertise is not limited to imports. Whether it's a classic American automobile or the the newest foreign technology, my clients trust me with all of their automotive needs. My operation is small and our service exceptional. I encourage you to call my previous clients and ask them about their satisfaction with my work!

Head gaskets, timing belts, oil leaks/seals, motor rebuilds/replacements, transmission replacements, sensors, belts, brake work, radiators, suspension, filters and fluid flushes, exhaust, windshield replacement, plugs/wires/coils, window regulators, starters, alternators, power steering pump, lift kits, and more!

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