• Copywriting

My name is Benjamin M. Algar (and thank the Lord we covered that note). You can call me Ben. It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm a recent graduate of Sacred Heart University's film and television master's program and Johnson State College's B.F.A. in creative writing. I have over five years of writing experience across the board (more concentrated in narrative fiction, screenwriting, comedy writing and poetry).

I recently moved to New York City's Upper East Side. Now here (and hungry for work), I'm building my network of fellow creatives and interested consumers.

What I have to offer:

English tutoring
Creative writing lessons
Novel adaptation
Ghost writing
Blog writing
News writing

Feel free to call me at your leisure. I'm available at all hours.
I look forward to your inquiries. Let's talk. Let's create stories. Let's make history.

Best wishes,
Benjamin M. Algar