• Auto Repair Services

Are you having problems with your Car, Truck or SUV? Are you tired of the hassle of dealing with the large dealerships and their massive upsells, inflated prices and judo-like sales tactics? Would you like to deal with a local mechanic who is very well respected and gets a ton of referrals?

Let me introduce you to Welge Automotive in Sparks NV!
Welge Auto is owned by Robert Welge who is a Master Mechanic and can work on any type of car, Truck, SUV, etc. Robert and his staff are easy to talk to, honest in all they do and work tirelessly to get your car fixed the way it was intended to.

Here are just some of the things they work on (this is not a complete list):
-Engines, Transmissions, Driveline, etc.
-Radiators, Water Pumps, Heaters, etc.
-Brakes, Wheel Alignment, Tires, etc.
-Carburetors, Fuel Injection Systems, etc.
-Lights, Electrical, Tuneups, etc.

Other details:
-They serve Reno, Sparks, Carson City, etc.
-They are Certified Master Technicians
-They are multi-faceted Auto Mechanics!
-They fix a LOT of unusual things on cars!
-Auto Repair, Car Repair, Auto Service!

Give them a call today and get an Estimate on what it will take to work on your car.
No sales-judo will be used and that is a promise.