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Expert Pc and Mac Technician certified Systems Engineer and A+ Comptia certified in 1998 can repair any laptop, desktop, macintosh or pc, providing desktop hardware and software support to many businesses and private clients. Network design and implementation and security is a major part of my skillset. Experienced with all Microsoft Server and Desktop products up to windows 8 and ASD server technology. Extensive experience with all Mac Os from 9.22 to 10.10 some linux and BeOs as well. Macintosh Hardware specialist service hundreds of Apple machines during my service history going as far back as power Pc Macs the G3's the G4's the G5's to today's Current Intel based machines.

Whatever your needs might be I can help you, with great service and better pricing and turnaround time than the geek squad or the Apple store or techserve. So please keep me in mind when you need service and repairs to your software or hardware. You can get in home service or bring your machine to my shop whatever suits your needs. Can provide custom builds for graphics businesses and or Music Recording environments based on Mac or Pc . Master Audio Recording Studio Design Engineer need help troubleshooting studio issues need tech support.

I am your guy, save money and time with my company, for your computing needs. Thanks for reading, we are here for you serving the five boroughs and long Island.

Feel free to contact me, I hope to hear from you!