• Auto Repair Services $100.00

Do you have one of the following issues with your speedometer?
Gauges sticking - Inop Park Indicator Display (PRNDL) - NO Power

We repair ALL 2003-2006 & 2007 Classic FULL SIZE:

Complete 03 up Speedometer Repair

-Full Rebuild-
Stepper Motor Replacement (seven and six stepper motors).
Cluster Illumination Lighting - OEM or LED Bulbs(Blue or White LED)
Repair PRNDL
Common Power Issues
$200 + tax

-Stepper Motors Replacement Only-
$135 + tax

-Lights Only-
OEM or LED Bulbs(Blue or White LED)
$100 + tax

-PRNDL Only-
$100 + tax

-Odometer Cloning / Programming
$150 + tax
(Restrictions Apply)

We can Program Miles and VIN into New Replacement Speedometers.
We can Flash Touch Control options into used and replacement Speedometers.
Do you have a service Brake Booster Message Display after a Speedometer Replacement?

-We can flash the correct calibration into the speedometer to remedy the Service Booster issue.
-We are the ONLY shop locally that can offer factory level programming in speedometer for mileage and option calibration.