• Tree Services

Welcome to "MG Tree Services". We are a reputable tree Service company. Tree trimming and Tree removal are our specialties.
When you hire "MG Tree Services" for all your Tree Service needs you're hiring honest and experienced tree and landscape service experts.

We have over 12 years of combined tree industry experience. We offer professional, safe, reliable and dependable services for residential and commercial clientele.

-Tree trimming is very important for the health of the trees and to avoid any significant damage that is often caused by dead limbs falling.
-Trees can be removed for different reasons including for Storm damage, Overlarge Growth, Poor health or Structure, a tree in which its roots begin to grow under a house foundation and other varieties. Most trees can be removed in one day.
-Thinning a tree's crown and canopy allows for air and light to penetrate while also reducing the risk of disease and fungus.

We are licensed and fully insured in the Irving, TX area.

We offer the followings services:
-Tree Removal
-Tree Trimming
-Flower Bed
-Yard Cleanup
-Stump Grinding
-Tree planting
-shrub trimming
and much more.

We are here to serve you.
Have a great Day!