Professional Landscaping services. Fall Clean Ups

  • Yard Clean-Up

Hello! My name is Tom and I am Offering Professional Landscaping services, I am 30 yrs Old and currently laid off from the Brick Layers Union, Giving me the opportunity to pursue one of my other passions, Landscaping.

1. Regular Lawn Mowing,
2. Hedge, bush, tree trimming
3. Spring clean-ups
4. Lawn re-seeding
5. Flower bed cleaning or building
6. Planting, of all things, (flower, bushes, small trees)
Etc. I also offer SNOW REMOVAL services!

There is nothing pertaining to landscaping that I am not Capable of.
So if you are in need of anything that I have listed or anything that was not listed please do give me a call!
I also have very fair pricing. I am trying to build up clientele so I am always willing to work with the Customer.

Thank you very Much, Tom