Fish Guy Russ. Fish tank cleaning / Aquarium maintenance

  • Aquarium Services $40.00

Love your aquarium or pond but hate the upkeep?
All the images shown here are my service accounts unlike some other service guys on here.
Over 15 years of experience!

We service
Large commercial tanks, small residential tanks, and ponds... no job too big or small!!!
Reef tanks
Fish only aquariums
Large water features

You name it we do it!

Services include...
Glass or acrylic clean
Sand / Substrate vacuum
water test (nitrate, nitrite, alkalinity (calc), ph)
10%-40% water change
Equipment check
Filter clean
Aquarium wipe down

We are licensed and insured
We do
Custom Build ins
Equipment repair or swap
Lighting upgrades
Custom Designs

Weekly maintenance $40-60
Bi Weekly $50-80
Monthly $60 -100

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Fish Guy Russ