Flat-rate Computer Repair (Laptop/Desktop/Mac/PC)

  • Computer Repair $25.00

Computer repair for Macs and PCs
Each repair is a flat rate of $25 dollars, No increase in price and each repair is done in an average of 2-hours. We cover any repairs regardless of what it may be for a flat-rate fee of $25 dollars.

Repairs Include but are not limited to;

* Virus Removal - Detection and Removal of Virus, Spyware, Malware, Trojan, Worms, Spam, Keyloggers etc
* Boot Error fix - Blue Screen, Can not reach desktop, Bootmgr errors, etc.
* PC Upgrades - Upgrades are a cost effective way to speed up your computer
* Performance issues - Tune-up to bring computer to optimal performance
* Hardware Troubleshooting - Crashing/slow/freezing/non booting PC diagnostics
* PC Setup - Setup and demonstration of your new computer equipment
* Networking - Secured Wired and Wireless Network Installation and Troubleshooting
* Laptop Repair - Laptop Data Recovery, Memory Upgrade Software PC/Laptop:
* Operating System Support/Installation - Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7/8 Available for clean install, or upgrade of current Operating system. (Any Mac OS is available as well)
* Data Recovery and Backup - Hard Drive/CD/DVD/USB/Memory Card Recovery & Backup Solutions
* Internet Security - Internet, Email, Firewall, Modem and Router Troubleshooting
* Software installation / upgrade - Office 2013, Adobe CS6, Microsoft, Rosetta Stone, Corel, AutoCAD, Vegas, etc.
* And much more.