Flawless Flat & Natural Sew Ins $35-$50 (no appointment needed)

  • Hair Stylist $35.00

My sew ins are flat
Natural with no humps
The braids are sturdy and secure

You can bring a net for no extra cost
My sew ins will last you a while and the take down is easy

I've been doing sewins for 9 years and I am VERY good at it
It takes me maybe an hr and a half

For $$35-$50 you get
*hair braided down securely in your preference of braid style (beehive or L part)
*net (bring one)
*extension installment
*light trim
*blending of natural hair with extensions

For +$10 I'll edge control your edges and curl your extensions
Mon-thurs $35
Fri-Sun $50

Rest assured, I'm one of the best. You'll definetly get your $$ worth
I'm very good

Call and ask me anything!
No appointments needed!
Be blessed!