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Do you have outdated or damaged flooring? Do you have a shower that is no longer water proof? Do you have a commercial property that you need a licensed flooring company to do a stress free speedy job?? Or are you interested in having a back splash installed in your kitchen just to spice things up????

Look no further, Flooring Pros LLC is here to make your vision come true!!!
We strive for Excellent customer service, on time same day estimates, and a professional installation!!! We work hand in hand with project managers and general contractors because with us they find that every job big or small is handled correctly and stress free! With Flooring Pros LLC we have years of combined experience with traditional flooring techniques and modern flooring materials.

Credit Cards accepted!!
Flooring Pros LLC has very competitive priceing!
Laminate flooring $1 a square foot all prep work included
Vinyl Plank Flooring $1 a square foot all prep work included

Commercial and Residential!
CALL TODAY for a in-person, Same Day Estimate!

We are not a huge company we do one job at a time to assure Quality!!
Floor installation is tedious and needs to be done by a professional with experience otherwise you will have unsightly mistakes you will have to look at everyday. Hire a Flooring Company with a Guarantee to assure a Quality installation.