Foreign Languages Translator and Tutuoring Service

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I'm a private tutor on a mission to help others expand their knowledge whether it be a child or adult. I have a bachelor's degree in English literature, but have also well studied in other areas. I have references of the people I've tutored and am well traveled and educated. I've also studied at Oxford University, UK.

My family is of Indian decent, therefore I can also be a personal translator in Hindi and Gujurati. i also read and write in Arabic and can teach or translate in francais (french) too. I have several methods of teaching I use and is selective to their individual level of knowledge as well as any special needs that need be.

So i f you need any of these services please contact me via phone. I am at your service and we will begin immediately as it is a passion and pleasure of mine to see individuals succeed, I have a special package deal right now which I am willing to negotiation. Please contact me via phone!

I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in my services. Nafisa