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  • Promotional Video Services

Experienced video editor with almost five years of experience to assemble and color correct your feature, short film, acting reel, music video, sideshow, sizzle reel promo, marketing, and any other video related work.

Very competitive rates and I often work until I can't anymore. 14 hours in front of a computer paying attention to every single detail, to get things right or if color correction is bit more difficult than normal 2 days . The reason why do it is pretty simple... my name is going on it.

I know you've got lots choices when it comes to hiring an editor and some even advertise crazy low rates, but check references, insist on reels, look at their gear, and make sure they will actually finish the job.

Half my business is fixing other editors mistakes where time and money was wasted. I will get it done right the first time.

For an editor who meets their deadlines with quality in mind contact me at also feel free to email me with project details so we can discuss rates.
Bye, thank you. I look forward to your business!