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  • Hair Stylist $100.00

Envious Extensions
Providing On Demand Beauty Services : We are Mobile
We specialize in Providing the Best Weaves and Extensions On-Demand!

Appointment Hours : Monday-Sunday 9:30 am - 10pm
You may call us 24/7 if you have any Questions

Please allow 1-2 hours for reply.
*New Years Special* Select Premium Weaves and Extensions Installs are just $100 and $125 for a limited time only.

3 Simple Steps To Book:
Step 1: Choose your Desired Service:
Deluxe Individual Tracks (4 rows): $125 $100
Partial Weave:$125 $100
Full Weave with Ponytail Option$140 $100
Full Weave with Minimal Leave Out $125 $100
Full Weave with No Leave Out: $150 $125
Full Weave with Lace Closure: $150 $125

Individual Tracks (3 rows): $100
Partial Weave + Individual Tracks: $135
Full Weave with Flip Over Method: $135
Full Weave with Lace Frontal: $165

Partial Weave with Cornrows at Crown $135
Full Weave Invisible Part $165
Half Vixen: $135

Crochet Braids $135
Crochet Braids Vixen $150
Glam Curls $25

All of our Weaves and Extensions are installed with extra special care. Your appointment time is exclusively for you. All of our clients receive small, neat, healthy braids. A courtesy net install. And your wefts are installed securely, this helps your install last a long time.

We do not ruin your beautiful wefts by cutting them! We use the fold over technique.