• Garbage Removal

It's Not Your Fault; You're Too Busy Earning A Living.
Hi. Lew Here...
I wasn't always the organized, well put together guy that I am now - far from it.

You see...back then I was the King of procrastination. I had self-help courses still in the shrink wrap.
I guess I thought it would work through osmosis. The best time to do anything was tomorrow, but tomorrow never came, at least not the right tomorrow anyway.

So...I understand the importance of DO IT NOW!!
That's the reason we offer same day service. Just call me before 6pm Monday through Saturday and we will come out that same day. We will do everything we can to get out there within the hour.

I know that pile of junk that stares you in the face day after day after day...mocking you "You gonna move me, I dare you". I know your pile of junk because it's the little brother to the pile of junk that I had. I'm a good person, but my pile of junk seemed to grow like Kudzu; you know that invasive plant that's gobbling up the South. My problem was I was busy earning a living.

I simply didn't have the time, money, and energy to sort through the stuff; call ten different charities to pick up the good stuff; then rent a truck and take the rest of the crap to the landfill. If I could have just made one phone call and have somebody take care of it that day cheaper than I could, then that would have been something I could handle.

It's Easy Breezy! Don't be like the old me. Just give me a call and get it done!