H & B PAINTING and CARPENTRY fully insured 25+ years

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We are residential painting and carpentry professionals with over 25 years of experience in the tristate area.

We are EPA certified for lead renovation, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We can provide Workers Comp, liability insurance, and any other paperwork you require. All of our work is guaranteed by legal written contracts that will address all of your concerns in specific detail. We strive to make every effort to be as legitimate and up front as possible.

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Our services include:

-Interior/Exterior painting
-Drywall repair & finishing
-Wallpaper removal
-Water damage repair
-Faux finishing
-Woodgraining doors and cabinets
-All carpentry repair
-Interior/Exterior Trim, crown molding, etc.
-Window Glazing
-Porch & patio steps built to code
-Pressure washing on all residential applications
-Painting and woodstaining patio, deck, porch, garage, fence, etc.
-Decking and fence installation
-We can get rid of any carpenter bees, wasps, & other nesting insects.
-polyurethane floors
-floor sanding
-any concrete work, pouring, removing, whatever
-Anything else please ask...

Industry standard warranty: All of our work can match the durability labeled on the paint you choose. Written contractual warranties can also be provided on a case specific basis for all of our work.

We are happy to do more complex jobs that would involve other home repairs before the final touches, window and door framing, drywall, flooring, roofing, etc. and have alot of friends who are professional in specific fields.

Also willing to travel provided basic accommodations.
10% off national standard prices always, we are the real deal, we do the job right and don't wax the prices.