• General Contractors $15.00

I can do nearly any kind of handyman work that you need me to do at $15.00 per hour.
I'm smart, use good judgment, have common sense, learn fast, follow directions and I'm very hard working.
I stick to it until the job is done and I don't take breaks other than for lunch.
I'm strong and I have great endurance both physically and mentally .

I have a wide variety of experience with home repairs and maintenance, yards, gardens, painting, helping people load, move and haul and in construction and in many other areas.

I'm a great house handyman and can fix and maintain most anything.
I guarantee you that you'll be happy with my work and I can provide you with references of people that I have worked for. I have reliable transportation, I'm always on-time and will work anywhere within the county.

Please give me a call!