HANDYMAN - Home Repairs and Remodel. Reno D'Apolito

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Professional Home Repairs & Remodel
Serving the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas

Home Repairs and Remodel has everything you need, from service to home remodeling. With over 20 years experience, owner Reno D'Apolito, takes pride in his work and satisfying his clients home repair needs.

*FLOORING: Demo and installation of subfooring, tile & hardwood
*DRYWALL: Hang, tape, mudd, patch and prep drywall for paint
*CARPENTRY: General carpentry, framing, ramps/railings, cabinets/shelving, moldings/trimmings,fences, decks
*ELECTRICAL: Interior and exterior
*REMODLING: Kitchen, bath, bedroom, addtions
*PAINTING: Interior and exterior
*TILE: demo and installation of tile/grout for counters, flooring, bath
*WINDOW & DOOR INSTALLATIION: Framing and installation

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