Harlem World Tattoo & Piercings - Specials Going On!

  • Tattoo Artist $40.00

Special Tattoo Deals for $40.00 up to seven characters - all fonts available!!

We have the best artists at work - come see the artists work and decide for yourself - will work out the prices mutually for bigger tattoos.

We do ear piercings for kids and also we have 'Do It Yourself Ear Piercing Kit' - with gold & silver studs in it.

We do nose, eyebrow, cheeks, tongue, nipple, belly and genital piercings using very clean & hygiene procedures!! Ear stretching & Piercing for tapers, tunnels & plugs. Female artist available for piercings.

Specials Going on for: Septum, Dermal's and Lip Piercings!!