Renting Hog Roasting since 1985 - $125 + tents, tables, chairs

  • Party Equipment Rental $125.00

Do Need To Feed A Large Crowd?
Roast a whole Hog yourself. Its easy and I will show you how. Rent my Roaster and cook a perfect pig everytime. I can even supply the pig prepped and ready to go if you want. I have cooked over 255 pigs since 1985, or you can Smoke Ribs, Pork Butts, Briskets, burgers, Chickens and Turkeys on this roaster.This is a commercial quality pig roaster not an old oil drum cut in half. It is easy to operate, simple to load and unload. If you don't want to do it, I can roast it for you, deliver it to your event fully cooked, cut it up and serve it while you watch.

Clean up is easy, we do it!
We also rent Tents, tables, chairs and other accessories designed to make your outdoor event a success.
We have 16 tents to choose from.