• TV Installation $80.00

No need to pay "Big Box" prices. Feel completely at ease knowing that all of your equipment, for which you've paid so much, is operating at 100% of its capabilities. Most "do it yourself" and professional installations are not performed properly resulting in inadequate sound and picture quality due to procedural errors easily overlooked during the installation process.

Movies, television shows, sports and video games will never be the same! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. I do not install satellite or security systems.

If you have an existing surround sound system and wish to verify proper installation, I will provide an overall inspection and perform any necessary updates and calibration to ensure your system's optimal picture and sound quality.

Installation and services include:

*Peace of mind system performance diagnostic check on existing systems- FREE -
-Assurance that all system connections and settings are correct.
-Peace of mind system check available in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho locations only.

*Full system performance diagnostic check and calibration of existing systems $79.99
-Includes update of system settings and connections to guarantee optimal performance.
-Additional cables may be required.

*Single item installation $39.99
-Excludes television wall mounting, projector/screen and surround sound receiver installation.

*Whole room media conversion
-Convert any rarely used room or office into a designated media room complete with acoustic wall treatments, wall/ceiling painting and blackout curtains. The ultimate home theater experience!
-Call for free estimate.

*Projector wall/ceiling mounting $189.99
*Projector screen mounting $89.99

*Flat panel television wall mounting $179.99
-All television wall mountings include an additional electrical outlet located behind the television to maintain code compliance. Keep in mind that running your television's power cord through the wall is dangerous and illegal.
-Ask about my high quality wall mounts. Much cheaper than paying retail.

*Standard 5.1 surround sound installation $129.99
-Gather and secure cables and wiring.

*Full 5.1 surround sound installation $159.99
-Hidden cables and wiring.

*Sound bar wall mounting $109.99

*Harmony remote programming $69.99
-Programming of multiple rooms available.

*CUT THE CORD $149.99
-Cancel your satellite, cable and movie streaming subscriptions and safely watch all of your movies and television shows online with no monthly fees.
-Requires Windows based PC, television with HDMI or VGA (RGB) connections and high speed internet.

*Ethernet (Cat5) cable run from modem to device

-Call for free estimate.
*Pricing may vary depending on preexisting conditions.
**Audio, video and speaker wire connection wall plates available at additional cost upon request.