• Horse Boarding $100.00

Horses BOARDING PASTURE OR STALLS - $100.00 per horse
STALLS - these are for people that will be here EVERYDAY to clean stalls and take care of their horse / horses - We have places to turnout your horse
- HOWEVER, you must return to put your horse back in the stall for the night.

You CAN NOT leave your horse out day and night and keep a stall. Horses left out all day and all night ARE pasture horses and You will LOSE your stall. We have stalls available for owners with pasture horses to groom their horse, get the horse ready for riding, etc.

YOU MUST CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR HORSE. 120' x 200' Open Arena 3/4 mile Track Track 4 horse walker covered 90 ft Covered Galloping Round Pen 50 ft Indoor Round Pen 130 acres - 70 stall barn - *
***Located 15 minutes from downtown Dallas, Texas --- 3 miles from I-20 and 1 mile from Hwy 175