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Hunter's 4x4 David or Jenna
Accessories, Installations and Fabrications
Located in Citrus Heights, CA

Here at Hunter's 4x4 we are a 4x4 family & we would love for you to join! For the enthusiasts that are do-it-yourself or the "just want it done" type. We specialize in modified 4x4's. Any off road Rig you are building, we want to help you find the parts/accessories you need to optimize your rig's performance. We also have the imagination and experience to fabricate to fit your needs.

Our service would INCLUDE but IS NOT limited to... Installs {lift kits, tires, re-gearing, axles, bumpers, wenches, seats, tops, body armor, rock sliders, ANY after market additions} Fabrications { custom 3-link 4-link suspensions, custom skid plates} If you have a 4wheel drive that is your daily driver and want to modify it, we have experience! Our Family Suburban is Awesome!(just ask our kids) :) if you have an idea and need help getting the project done...

.. Jenna & David Lee