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Mr. Phillip Cintron

Objective: Seeking a career opportunity as a Plumber Mechanic with 8-1/2 years of progressive experience in inspection, troubleshooting, repair and the installation of both residential and commercial plumbing system sand general construction.

Company Experience:

2015: Freelance Subcontractor working in. New construction commercial Building (10 floors or more renovating no hub ruffling Fire protection sprinkler gas lines copper lines. hotels Condo's developments hospitals school.

14-15 J-O Piping heating inc. Plumber Mechanic, Brooklyn NY
New Construction Jewish Company I work on a six story building 12 APT. start to finish all no hub ketches bathroom storm dream candling line underground some copper, gas Transfer me to 2 different building for fishing 10Apt each 1 undergrounds

2013 Empires State Plumbing & Heating Corp. Plumber Mechanic
Gas& oil burner service Gas boiler conversion National grid con Ed swing over, gas leaks boiler inspection steam return leaks repairs plumbing Repair old to new swap outs Commercial residential projects

05-13 Dream Scope Plumbing Design/ Pipe right corp. Jr. Mechanic/Apprentice High End Plumbing renovation kitchen & Bathrooms Hot water heater Boiler, Sprinkler System Service Repairs organizing the shop stocking the material ordering the material for jobs New Construction Commercial projects

09-13 ON Call Mechanical Services Inc. Jr. Mechanic/Apprentice HCAC Air Conditioning forced air heat, Boilers hot water tanks Ductless forced air Systems, and Humidifiers install new fan motor Duct cleaning install used new condensing units HVAC maintenance service repairs residential

10-12Carmine Plumbing & Heating Inc. Jr. Mechanic
Boiler replacement Oil to gas Conversions Demolition oil Tank & boilers hot water heater boiler repairs Plumbing repairs Plumbing renovation kitchen, Bathrooms Threading 1/2 to 5 Pipe Commercial residential projects

07-08Affordable 39.95 Sewer & Drain Service Inc. Jr. Mechanic
Drain& Sewer Cleaning Floor Drain Kitchen & Bathrooms Drain clean grease trap Plumbing repairs Hand Snake 100 Machine 300 Rigid Sewer High Pressure Water Jetting Machine Commercial residential service

- TSC Training Academy
- Work Force one
- Ralph R. McKee Technical Vocational High School -- Computer Technician

References &Certificates upon Request!