• Garbage Removal

No junk is too big for this trunk!

Did I just type that! Life is way too short not to have some fun!
I am a workaholic
I have a touch of OCD
And I have lots of energy.. I run off pure adrenaline. I'm an adrenaline junky

I specialize in these areas but I'm not limited to:
Junk removal
Construction/roofing cleanups
Abandoned home cleanups
House cleanups hoarding help
Teenage rooms (this is gonna cost you extra)
Organization of house, garage, basement, work
Barn and shed cleanups
Firewood storage solutions that are nice to look at
Trailer and barn demolition and removal
Window washing
Waterless pressure washing (dry dusting to avoid water damage) for homes and buildings to remove spiderwebs, dirt, and whatever else is there.
I specialize in workflow and homeflow.
Environmentally friendly
Recycling program
Rain barrels to reduce waste and reuse for watering/gardening

I am honest
I am not a tweaker
I have references


Call me not because I have an expensive daughter and she's breaking the bank, but more importantly because I am quick and thorough and want your junk in my trunk ;) I won't waste your time or mine. We have families to love!