• Immigration Lawyers

Need someone to navigate through the murky water that is known as immigration law? Attorney Trevor P. Dunn can help.

Attorney Dunn handles both employment-based and family immigration law, and can help you attain that H-1B visa or assist you in becoming a United States Citizen. Send Attorney Dunn an email today to see how he may help you with your immigration issues. Evening and weekend meetings are available upon request.

Unable to come to the office? Attorney Trevor Dunn will come to you. Affordable rates for all services.

Services Include (but are not limited to):

Adjustment of Status
Green Card Acquisition
Naturalization - Becoming a US citizen
E Visas - Treaty Trader, Treaty Investor, and Australian Special Occupation
EB Visas - Priority Workers, Advanced Degree Professionals/Persons of Exceptional Ability, Skilled Workers or Employment Creation
H Visas - Nurses, Specialty Occupation, Trainees
J Visas - Exchange Visitors
K Visas - Fiance(e)s and Fiance(e)s Children
L Visas - Intracompany Transferees
O Visas - Extraordinary Ability

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