In my home Certified Dog Grooming

  • Pet Grooming $15.00

From Rags To Riches Nickie's In My Home Certified Dog Grooming

What Each Type of Pet Groom consists of:

Prices are examples only, your pet may be more or may be less,
I cannot quote an exact price without seeing your pet first

Bath & Brush includes: Nails, Ears ,Paw Pads, Sanitary,bath,brush

Feet Face and Fanny also known as FFF:
Clean and neaten up the feet, face and fanny area.
Full Pet Groom includes: all of the above & complete hair cut, pattern and also includes anal glands expressed also includes bows, neck tie or bandana & cologne

Just Nails $5 for Small Dogs $10 For Giant Breeds and Difficult/Naughty Doggies.

Bath & Brush
Small = $15-$25
Medium = $25-$45
Large = $35-$55
X-Large 60 lbs. & Up

FFF Pet Groom
Small = $20-$25
Medium = $30-$35
Large = $40-$45
X-Large 60 lbs. & Up = $50 & up

Full Pet Groom
Small = $30-$35
Medium = $35-$45
Large = $50-$55
X-Large 60 lbs. & Up = $65.00 & up
Shave downs $65 & up
All Breeds Accepted
Any Giant Breeds please call for a price quote.

I have all size full faced muzzles only used when needed so please I like my fingers where they are. I don't mind doing dogs who hate their nails done just let me know before I groom your pet. Some pets require two people or their owners to be present because they have had bad grooming exp in the past, pups are scared because their nails were cut to short or they had cuts on their body. I do these kinds of dogs all the time, please call or text to set up an appointment and let me know you need to stay with your doggie for the grooming process.

I do accept matted dogs and extremely matted dogs. This is why I became a groomer. Matted dogs start at
$35-65 for small dogs,
$45-70 for large dogs
Extremely Large breed matted $55-100

I am open 7 days a week!!!! 8am -7pm
All dogs done start to finish by hand
Call for an appointment !