J.E. Interior Design (interior upgrading)

  • Tile Contractors

First, let it be known that I'm ideal for kitchen and bathroom tile backslashes.
And I have a HELL OF A DEAL RIGHT NOW.... !!!!!!

So I'm getting this idea for my side work business up and rolling. With 15+ years of experience, and 90% of that time doing my jobs solo, I can inform you that there's not much I can't do. I'm in the carpentry trade anyhow. So, I figure why not start a side work business!?!?!? You need something done?

Call me, Let's talk, negotiate, and make a deal. I'm ex-military, HONORABLY discharged veteran with an awesome work ethic. I'm only asking for the opportunity to let me show ya!
I aim high, but in all honesty, I bid low!