Jay'z Home Computer Repair and Installation

  • Computer Repair

Got A Computer that Wont Start? Or Needs Tuning?
Or Have A Lock on Windows and Cant Use Your Computer?
I have 6 years Experience with Computer and Gaming System.
I Can Do Software Repairs in Mins, Hardware Repairs like MotherBoard and Video Card Depending on Model can take 1-2 days. Also do full System Shrinking to Save Space, or If you need more Ram for gaming System I have Tools/Software That Does Just That. I Can Pretty much Can fix any Problem you have For Cheap, No Repair is over 150$ like GeekSquad or Other Computer Stores.

So Put Your Faith In Someone Local, Call OR Just Simply Bring It Over to 187 w Pilgrim Ln Clovis Ca, I am Also a Team Member with Windows/MicroSoft Developer Team. "I Do NOT Do MODS" Due to Legal Messures.