JJ's Mobile Bicycle Repair -Full Tune Ups at Your Location!

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JJ's Mobile Bicycle Repair
In business since 2008.

Tune up includes my travel to and from the bike and the following:

1. Adjusting front and rear derailleurs and shifters
2. Adjusting front and rear brakes
3. Adjusting headset
4. Inspect and inflate tires
5. Clean and lube chain
6. Adjust hubs
7. Adjust seat height if desired
8. General truing of wheels
9. Checking chain for wear
10. Checking bottom bracket for wear
11. Lubing cables.

I have been doing mobile bicycle repair in the Portland area since September 2008, and moved to Austin in November 2013. I was trained professionally as a bicycle mechanic. I have a portable bike stand, truing stand, and bike repair tools.

I can do other services too such as replacing cable housing, installing new cables, chain, derailleurs, etc. Give me a call. Thanks!