Keyboard and voice lessons - Low Price & High Quality!$25/HOUR

  • Singing Lessons $25.00

"The journey of a lifetime begins with but a single step". Barring physical disability, playing keyboards is something you can do the rest of your life-why are you waiting to take that first step?

Am a long time professional musician & songwriter who is offering guitar, keyboard and voice lessons at the rate of $25 per ONE HOUR lesson at my house or $32.50 per ONE HOUR lesson at your home or business in the Bakersfield area. The reason I've emphasized the length of the lessons is that EVERY OTHER TEACHER that I'm aware of gives HALF HOUR lessons at a higher rate ($15-25 per lesson).

To secure the $25 per hour price the minimum purchase is 8 lessons (in cash at beginning the initial lesson), which comes to $200 per 8/ my house or $260 per 8 / your home/business.

If you unclear about the rates or payments, please ask during our 1st conversation, it will save time later.
Hope to help you and/or yours make music or make better music soon-Duke