• Electrician

Kinnaird Electric Co.
VA. Beach, VA. 23464
Ask for Wade Kinnaird (Owner)

My Credentials Are As Follows:
VA. Master's License #2710-052495
VA. Class B Contractor #2705-150486
VA. Business License #2015-230-880R
(Other License Held): South Carolina Class 2 Master Electrical Contractor #M11-958 *allowed to expire in 2013 due to high cost to maintain vs. very little profit from work in that state. Time In Trade- 39 years, beginning at age 15.

We Do
*Commercial Electrical
*Residential Electrical
*Industrial Electrical
*Marine Electrical
*Specialty Wiring
*Electric Guitar & Bass Wiring and Wiring Mods

If you need something done REGARDLESS whether on this list or not that involves construction - JUST ASK... I have other skills, too!