Landscaping & Maintenance Serive. Weeds & trees

  • Landscaping

I offer many landscaping services and more . I am a three man crew so I can get the job done quick

- Maintenance Services
Weekly -biweekly - Monthly
Which includes

Cutting grass , trimming bushes / trees , Removing Weeds , Maintaining all plants and trees .

- Sprinklers & Irrigation Repair -
Diagnose values and lines , fix leaks and any problem you may have I'll find the best solution for you

Reprogram all types of irrigation controller , Rain Bird. Hunter & more

-Trim Tree / Removal -
Shape up, light trim, Heavy trim

-Weed Control / Chemical Spraying -
Pull All your weed and add a proper treatment to kill them
( herbicide ) destroy unwanted vegetation
( pre emergent ) kill the seeds in the ground

-CLEAN UPS - Big & Small
Deep clean of your whole yard, Haul any wanted Items , trim and shape up over grown tree/ plants

-Flower Bed-
Seasonal flowers Design

-Pot Repair Any Size
Fix Leaks / Repair Lines

-Concrete Work -
Drive ways ,side walks ,

-Demolition Work
Treating down and haul away
Removal walls , concert ,

- Pressure Washing -
Clean drive way - garage doors any thing you need pressure wash

Free and easy ESTAMINETS, call me!
Thank you, All work really is appreciated,
I do accept debit cards
I work all over the Az