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I am George E. Michaels and I have been practicing law for over 25 years.
My philosophy is that everyone deserves a good lawyer.
My fees have always been very reasonable.
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Drug Crimes
Violent Crimes
Traffic Citations
Assault & Domestic Violence
Arson & Property Crimes
Juvenile Crimes

I am an experienced attorney that has defended people facing criminal charges all over the State of Michigan. My experience includes litigating major felonies, violent crimes, murders, misdemeanors, DUIs, traffic citations, and a variety of other offenses.
Have you have been arrested? Are you being investigated? Do you believe you may be charged with a crime? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions it is important that you speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

What should I bring?
If you have been arrested, you should bring your charging information and all of the papers received from Court. You should also use your judgment and bring any other documents you think might be helpful to us.

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