• Other Classes $80.00

Below is the ad in respect to henna service. For lessons, the rate is $ 80/day. It's a guarantee that you'll learn the basics of henna in your 1st day and be pro at it within 4/5 days.

* On call delivery service, Call now to make your reservation!
* Delivery of professional Henna Artist to your location of parties, events and celebration
* More than 1,000 designs to choose from
* Designs for everyone - kids, families, party-goers, non-party-goers - all kinds of designs
* Custom designs available too
* Rates (small designs: $ 5-10/item, medium: $ 15-20/item, large $ 30 & up)

About myself:
My name is Nishant, an Environmental Studies major - originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. I learnt henna tattooing from my mom who is a professional henna artist. Click on the images above to see some of my work from last year in Ocean City boardwalk, Maryland.

Note: Every $$ I'm charging for henna goes to my college fund! Prices can be extremely negotiable. Happy Henna : )