• General Contractors

If your Honey Do list never seems to get done, call me. I do standard home and yard maintenance.

Examples may include:

Hanging a ceiling fan
Doing pest repairs, fixing dry rot
Staining a deck
Repairing a fence
Building a gate
Replacing a faucet
Replacing a light fixture
Preparing a home for sale
Repainting a bedroom
Replacing a screen door
Hanging pictures
Preparing your yard for winter or spring
Unclogging rain gutters
Preparing your home for a holiday
Moving furniture
Many other home maintenance jobs.

I can maintain, repair or in some cases replace what is already existing as far as electrical and plumbing, but because I am not a licensed plumber or electrician I can not do new installations.

As far as experience I grew up on a farm in a do-it-yourself household. I spent many hours watching and helping my dad repair everything from a loose hinge to a combine tractor. I do all my family's home repairs and have done a lot of work for my sister in law, friends and a local volunteer organization.
References provided upon request.

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